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Hillrise Mission and Vision

Our Vision: Hillrise Elementary School is a child-centered environment where students are individually challenged and nurtured. Students at Hillrise are engaged in active learning to develop their potential in order to invent a successful future as a caring and capable adult.

Nuestra Vision: La Primaria Hillrise promueve un ambiente centrado en los ninos en el que se les presentan retos y reciben apoyo individual. Los estudiantes se mantienen activos con su aprendizaje y desarrollan un potencial para inventarse un futuro exitoso como adultos solidarios y capaces.

Our Mission: In partnership with parents and community, we are committed to provide a student-centered learning environment which embraces high academic expectations and diversity.

Nuestra Mission: En asociacion con los padres y la comunidad, nos hemos propuesto a proveer un ambiente centrado el los estudiantes que apoye las expectativas y la diversidad.



Current School Year 2011.12 News:


Thanks for joining us on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 6:00 pm for the Hillrise Chinese New Year Celebration!!



Thanks to all of you who participated - we will keep you posted!

Hillrise has entered a national reading contest, called "Raise-A-Reader." Fliers and reading logs have been sent home for each student. Please fill out the logs and return them to school so the minutes can be recorded weekly. This contest runs from Monday, November 7th until Monday, January 30, 2012!! Have fun while READING, READING, READING.....Let's win that $5,000 and show the nation that Hillrise Elementary rules when it comes to reading! The winning prize money will benefit the school library!


Congratulations to Hannah Fresquez for winning the Hillrise English Spelling Bee!!!

Congratulations Kindergarten for winning the October 'Penny Wars' and earning a Grand Total of 5,921 points and earning a Pizza Party, sponsored by the NMSU SLED program & State Farm!

Thanks to our Pink Committee, students, and to all that worked to have a successful 'Pink Activity' Month during October! Between our Hillrise Carla Rosales 'Pink Shirts'', Karen Philpot's/SLED's sponsored 'Penny Wars', and our other Pink Activities we raised a lot of awareness and money for the Cowboys for the Cure Cancer Research Fund! A Grand Total of $2,366.12 was donated!!!


  • Congratulations Hillrise for winning the 'Best Decorated Pink Elementary' school contest....and for

donating over 10-times what we raised last year for the Cowboys 4 Cancer Fund for October!!


  • Southern New Mexico State Fair recognizes Hillrise Elementary Students participating in the fair....

Congratulations Hillrise for winnning a 1st & 2nd Place Ribbon at the fair for your projects!!


  • Hillrise school shirts for sale: please order at the front office!!!



Hillrise welcomes Ginny Lindquist to AES!

Ginny Lindquist from Tombaugh Elementary is joining the Hillrise AES staff.

Mrs. Lindquist has been a facilitator for 18 years. She will be taking students to relieve Mrs. Briggs' overload.

Mrs. Lindquist will be here Monday afternoons from 11:20 - 3:15!!

Welcome Mrs. Lindquist!!


PTO Social Friday August 26, 2011!!!


Hope you have had a safe and enjoyable summer break....and remembered to study, read and practice your math skills during your extra time off!!!!

Google Website under conversion with updates to follow soon.......


New Mexico Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Schedule: (Missouri/High Street)

(Come join us for prizes and other fun activities as we walk to school at 7:35 am)

  • Every Wednesday starting August 24, 2011
  • Those walking will receive a coupon good for the school store!!!





2010-2011 School Term

Three LCPS Elementary Schools Make AYP!!!
Hillrise, Loma Heights, and Mesilla Elementary Schools made Adequate Yearly Progress based on standardized testing in the 2009-10 school year. Congratulations!

Come see our new school banner presented to us by Superintendent Rounds!!! You can visit the LCPS web site (or "Click" below) to see the presentation:


  • We all again give our thanks to everyone who made this past school year a success and we are looking forward to an even better 2010 - 2011 school term.........our newest school improvement is the shade structure which is now in place! Thanks to the HIT committee (Hillrise Improvement Team) for working hard to make this happen - if you have any other suggestions please let us know!
  • We always welcome all of our new staff and our student teachers! We are excited to have you and welcome all of your expertise to Hillrise Elementary!
  • Please send in all your Box-Tops, Price's Milk Lids, Campbell's Soup Labels, and Ink/Toner Cartridges to help the school! Thanks for your support!!!!


New Mexico Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Tentative Annual Schedule: (Missouri/High Street)

(Come join us for prizes and other fun activities as we walk to school at 7:35 am)

  • Every Wednesday starting August
  • International Walk to School Day: October 5
  • "We Are Thankful Walk" (canned food donation): November
  • "Jingle Bell Walk": December
  • **No Walk-to-School Activities in January due to cold weather**
  • "Valentine Walk": February
  • "Spring Walk": March
  • "Easter Egg Walk": April
  • "Last Walk of the Year": May


School Information:

Hillrise Elementary School Advisory Council (SAC) is interested in your input!!!! Would you like to be on our e-mail list for updates on meetings and a place to send in your ideas and thoughts to make Hillrise Elementary a place where all children can shine? Please contact Melissa McWhorter at: to be added to the SAC e-mail list!


School Colors: Blue & Gold (Yellow)

School Mascot: Suns (Stallions)

School Motto: "We Believe We Can Shine"

School Theme: The Solar System


  • Math Curriculum: Math Investigations
  • Reading Curriculum: Pearson Scott Foresman 'Reading Street'
  • Science Curriculum: Journey into Science (Center for Hands-On Learning)
  • Grading: Common Goal Systems (


School Resources:

Thanks for sending tutors and volunteers into our schools! For further information about the NMSU Service Learning ('Aggie Tutor Partnership' & 'MATTER') programs that send tutors (and volunteers) into the schools please check out the following web site:


We participate in a fast-paced, fun web site that strengthens math skills. This program builds numerical fluency, strengthens basics, and compliments the curriculum. Ask your child about it and have them log in to play at the following web site with their assigned classroom log in / password:


Hillrise is participating in the Cooking with Kids curriculum which introduces healthy foods into the classroom in order to increase children's awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of healthy eating. Ask your child or teacher about it...further information can be located at:


Hillrise utilizes Elementary Science Kits for Teaching Content Through Process. More information can be located at:


Anti-bullying: Hillrise Elementary School
The Las Cruces Public Schools (along with Hillrise Elementary School) continues to encourage awareness about and the prevention of bullying. Parents: more details can be provided to you by our school staff, administration, and district office.


We follow the 6-Pillars of Character at Hillrise:

1. Citizenship

2. Respect

3. Responsibility

4. Fairness

5. Caring

6. Trustworthiness


             Recess Lunch Schedule 
       GRADE    RECESS     LUNCH      TIME BACK 
       LEVEL    BEGINS     BEGINS      TO CLASS 
         K      12:30      12:10        12:50

         1      11:45      11:25        12:05
         2      12:15      11:55        12:35 
         3      11:15      10:55        11:35 
         4      11:25      11:45        12:05 
         5      10:55      11:15        11:35 
    Breakfast        Full Price       Reduced 
Hillrise Students      $0.80           $0.40 
Adults/Others          $1.00           ----- 
    Lunch            Full Price        Reduced 
Hillrise Students      $1.50            $0.40 
Adults/Others          $2.75            ----- 

2011.12 Current School Term

Hillrise Academy 2:30 - 4:50 pm TBA

Popcorn - Pickles / School Store on Friday's



  • February 3: Chinese New Year Performance 6:00pm
  • February 9/15: Cooking with Kids Grains
  • February 10: 2nd Grade Popcorn/Pickle Friday
  • February 17: Parent Conferences K-7 - no school
  • February 20: Presidents' Day holiday - no school



  • March 9: End of Grading period
  • March 16: Report Cards
  • March 19-23: Spring Break - no school
  • March 27-30: Testing Grades 3-5 per school schedule



  • April 2-4: Testing Grades 3-5 per school schedule
  • April 6: Spring Holiday - no school



  • May 11: Kindergarten Performance 1:30pm
  • May 23: Semester ends - early release
  • May 28: Memorial Day holiday



...and remember students to study, read and practice your math skills during your extra time off!!!! See you back after the holidays!!!




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